2015-2016 Drawing & MM Journey

I have been sharing my art on my Instagram account, you can see that here.  I am trying to keep my art and my craft separate on the main part but I would like to keep up to date with that here so that you can see if you want and I can check my progress easily.

I used a watercolour pencil to draw the flowers then coloured the page with AquaTints.  Once dry I went back in with my Colorista pencils and a chalk pencil to add details and texture to the flowers (A5).

Using a snippet which I coloured with AquaTints.  Then I took a watercolour pencil to draw the flower.  I used my AquaTints to colour the petals and once dry I used Colorista pencils and a chalk pen to add texture, depth, shadow and highlight (approximately 150cm square).
I created a soft background then used a pencil to sketch the flowers and then colour them with AquaTints.  I used one of my black Pitt pens to draw around the petals and a white chalk pencil to add light (A5 page).

2016 September

2016 September 19 this post
2016 September 3 this post


2016 August

2016 August 24 this post

2016 June

2016 June 16 this post

2016 May
2016 May 31 Pink for Breast Cancer and in honour of Eileen here
2016 May 24 this post
2016 May 22 this post
2016 May 12 My Art & Mixed Media here
Dabbling with acrylic paints
JFF I added circles instead of hair lol!
I like my girls with pigtails




2016 April
2016 April 27 this post
2016 April 26 here

2016 April 13 this post

2016 March
2016 March 16 see this post 
2016 March 24 here 
2016 March 22 & 24 this post and this post

2015 Drawing and Mixed Media Journey

2015 June
June 2015: waffle and details in this post
2015 May
2015 May 22 Mixed Media & My Art here
2015 May 19 Mixed Media & My Art post
Learning to mix my mixed media skills with my drawing

2015 May 15 Drawing here 
2015 May 13 Mixed Media Journal here
2015 May 10 Mixed Media Journal page here
2015 May 2 Details here 


2015 March

When I was younger I used to draw and paint a lot. When I changed schools I lost my choice to go to art classes and then my art was pushed to one side. After winning a book at the end of 2014 I started to dabble again and I have shared those posts and my attempts here so that I could have a place where they were documented chronologically in the hope that I would see an improvement.

2015 March 25 My tentative steps here

2015 February
2015 February 23 Mixed Media Journal page here
2015 February 25 Mixed Media MDF panel here
2015 February 17 Mixed Media Canvas here
2015 February 13 Mixed Media Mini Canvas here
2015 February 12 Mixed Media Tag here
2015 February 11 Mixed Media Mini Canvas here
2015 February 10th Mixed Media Journal here
2015 February 6 Mixed Media Tag here 
2015 February 5th journal page details here
2015 January
2015 January 28th mixed media tag see details here

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